Paid by your health insurance

As long as you take at least 3 different medications per week, your health insurance will cover the cost of DoryGo according to your doctor's prescription (excl. deductible).

Free delivery
Direct billing with your health insurance company
Cancel at any time

Questions and answers

Do all health insurance companies cover the costs of DoryGo?


As long as you regularly take three or more medications, the costs for DoryGo are covered by all health insurance companies through basic health insurance (excl. deductible).

What does the service cost if I take less than 3 medicines?


If you take less than 3 medicines, you will have to pay the pharmacy's costs of CHF 21.60 per week privately. In this case, the pharmacy will ask for your consent.

What is included in the service?


The DoryGo service includes the pillbox, the app and the delivery service including delivery cost.

How can I cancel the service?


You can cancel the service at any time by emailing The service will continue until you cancel it or stop submitting a prescription.

I still have medication at home. What now?


You are free to choose the first delivery date.